Serving kindergarten - 12th Grade

Serving Kindergarten-12th Grade

Discover the Excellence of Our K-12 Programs at Sonshine Christian Academy. Our dedicated Christian educators are committed to providing a nurturing and academically enriching environment for students from 2 years to 12th grade. Rooted in Christian values, our programs not only focus on academic achievement but also on instilling moral and spiritual principles. With a curriculum designed to foster critical thinking and a strong foundation in faith, we prepare students for a purposeful life. Join us in shaping the future with quality education grounded in Christian values.


Elementary Kindergarten-5th

At Sonshine Christian Academy's Elementary School, we prioritize early education (Kindergarten to 5th grade), fostering a nurturing environment that combines academic exploration with character development. Our committed educators guide students towards success, with individualized plans and a strong focus on math, reading, and language. Enrichment opportunities include music, fine arts, STEM, physical education, technology, and art. We assess academic progress through MAP Testing and integrate a Biblically inspired curriculum. Weekly chapel services, field trips, hands-on learning, cursive writing, and interactive technology enhance the educational experience. We value parent involvement with connect meetings and celebrate the end of the year with a Kindergarten graduation ceremony. Affordable afterschool care and summer camp options are available for an additional cost.

Middle School 6th-8th

Sonshine Christian Academy's Middle School is a dynamic space where students explore self-discovery and academics. Our dedicated faculty prioritizes critical thinking, collaboration, and spiritual development with individualized success plans. The curriculum blends academic excellence and character building, preparing students for challenges and opportunities. Biblically Integrated Curriculum and Measured Academic Progress Testing enrich their educational journey.
Connection is key. Engaging Parent Connect Meetings strengthen the partnership between educators and families. Our students explore the world through Field Trips, Ministry Outreach, and diverse Student Enrichment Opportunities.
Weekly Chapel Services foster community and values. Embracing Interactive Technology, we enhance learning experiences for the digital age. Sonshine Christian Academy's Middle School is a vibrant tapestry of growth, discovery, and boundless possibilities.

Ms Kriete teaches class wide shot

High School 9th-12th

As students transition to High School at Sonshine Christian Academy, they embark on a vibrant educational journey. Our rigorous program fosters academic, spiritual, and social excellence, grounded in Christian values. The curriculum, with individualized success plans, College Prep & Planning, and Technical Program options, promotes both academic and moral growth. This includes College Preparatory Coursework, offerings with Florida Virtual School, Dual Enrollment, and Early Admission Programs (additional fees apply). Biblically Integrated Curriculum and measured Academic Progress (MAP) Testing provide tailored guidance. Connection is vital with Parent Connect Meetings, while exploration happens through Field Trips, Ministry Outreach, and Student Enrichment Opportunities. Weekly Chapel Services build community, and Interactive Technology enhances digital-age learning. Sonshine Christian Academy's High School prepares students for success with Christian values, ready for a bright future.

At Sonshine Christian Academy, we believe that education is more than just acquiring knowledge; it's about shaping hearts, minds, and souls to equip students to impact the world for the glory of God. We invite you to explore our academy and discover the difference a Christ-centered education can make in your child's life.


Sherry Kriete

Dean of Students

SCA students benefit from a positive Christian environment that encourages students to accept Christ, grow in their faith, and serve others, while developing their academic potential. SCA is continuing to make exciting advances to expand our secondary program with college preparatory coursework, additional course offerings with Florida Virtual School (FLVS), dual enrollment, and early admission programs offered through Southeastern University (SEU), and involvement in academic competitions. Students also participate in a variety of extracurricular activities: athletics, drama, dance, coursework electives, National Honors Society, fine/visual arts competitions, and student council. SCA students take an active role in weekly chapel services through dramas, skits, and praise/worship music lead by our SCA Worship Team."

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