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Welcome to Lunch at Sonshine

At Sonshine Christian Academy, we believe that a nutritious and balanced diet is crucial for the overall well-being and academic success of our students. Lunchtime at SCA is designed to provide wholesome and delicious meals that fuel young minds for a day of learning and growth.


Food Options

  • Bring Your Own Lunch

    Students are welcome to bring their own lunches, with microwave warm-up available for 6th grade and up.

  • SCA Kitchen Purchases

    Individual items like hot pockets and chips are available for purchase.

  • SCA "Picnic Lunch"

    A pre-packaged lunch option including a sandwich, chips, milk, and fruit is offered for purchase.

  • Outside Vendors

    Scheduled vendors like Chick-Fil-A and Pizza are available on specific days.  Scroll down for daily menu.

Invoicing for Forgotten Lunches:

  • Students forgetting lunch will be invoiced for the SCA Picnic Lunch provided to them.

Breakfast and Snack:

  • Students should eat breakfast before arriving at school.
  • Daily snack time is available for Preschool through High School.  Students are encouraged to bring a snack.  Students in 3rd -12th grade have the option to purchase from our concessions.

Meal Options:

  • Preschool families (ages 2-4) may purchase half-portion meals at half price.
  • Kindergarten - 12th grade students may not purchase half-portion meals.

Available Meals (based on availability)


2 slices of cheese pizza, side option, milk ($8)

Tuesdays & Thursdays

SCA Picnic Lunch including sandwich, fruit, side, and milk ($8)


Chick-Fil-A sandwich or nuggets, waffle chips, 1 sauce, milk ($8)

Fridays (Preschool Only)

SCA Picnic Lunch including PB&J uncrustable, fruit, side, and milk or individual entree items.

Concession Items for Sale (based on availability)

Entree Examples

$3.00 Each

Hot Pockets, Mac & Cheese, Frozen Cheese Burger, Frozen Chicken Sandwich, Frozen Pizza, Nachos with Cheese.

Side Examples

$2.00 each

Bagged Chips, Whole Dill Pickle, Fruit Options, Snacks such as Cheese-Its, Pretzels, etc.

Drink Examples

Gatorade ($3.00), Sparkling Flavored Water ($2.00), Milk ($1.00).

Dessert Examples

Ice Cream ($1.00), Cookies ($1.00), Muffins ($2.00), and other dessert items.

Sonshine Wellness Program

At Sonshine Christian Academy, we are dedicated to cultivating a thriving school culture that prioritizes health and nutrition, recognizing their profound impact on student progress and overall well-being.

Nutrition and Health Education

Our commitment extends to bringing comprehensive nutrition and health awareness to students, families, and staff. In pursuit of this goal, we offer nutrition education both in the cafeteria and classrooms, utilizing engaging materials like posters and educational media. Consistent messaging promoting healthy eating permeates our approach, supported by resources such as healthy snack ideas and lists for nutritious classroom celebrations.

Promoting Healthy Bodies through Physical Activity

Central to our mission is fostering healthy bodies through fitness and physical activity. We provide structured and free play opportunities for daily physical activity, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment with the necessary space and equipment. Short physical activity breaks between lessons contribute to the holistic well-being of our students.

Creating a Healthy School Culture

Our commitment extends beyond the classroom, encompassing various initiatives to create a healthy school culture. We provide a daily meal, facilitating positive mealtime interactions.  Access to free, quality drinking water is ensured throughout the school, and after-school programming incorporates opportunities for physical activity and snacks. 

Review and Update Process

As of June 14, 2021, this plan has been reviewed. Our stakeholders commit to annual reviews and updates as necessary during our policy review process to ensure the continued effectiveness and relevance of Sonshine’s Wellness Program.

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