Keep track of crucial academic dates, planned dismissals, teacher planning days, and other essential events with our dedicated calendars for Preschool, VPK, and Academy (Kindergarten-12th grade). Each calendar is meticulously designed to provide a clear overview of the academic schedule, ensuring you stay informed about important milestones and logistical details throughout the school year.

Preschool Calendar

Stay updated on academic schedules, planned dismissals, and teacher planning days relevant to our Preschool program.

VPK Calendar

Navigate through the academic landscape of our VPK program, detailing key dates for optimal planning and coordination.

Academy Calendar

Access the calendar for the Academy, covering days off, teacher planning days, and other events integral to this journey from Kindergarten-12th grade.

Stay seamlessly connected with Sonshine's academic rhythm through our specialized calendars, ensuring you have the necessary information for a successful and well-prepared school year.

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