Serving 4 year olds - must be 4 by Sept. 1

Welcome to the VPK Program at Sonshine Christian Academy, where we embark on a journey of nurturing young minds for a purposeful impact in the world, all for the Glory of God. Our VPK experience is designed to be a stepping stone towards a future filled with academic readiness, character development, and a deep-rooted faith.


What is VPK?

VPK, or Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten, is an enriching early childhood program designed to prepare young learners for the exciting adventure of kindergarten. At Sonshine Christian Academy, our VPK program goes beyond traditional early education—it's a vibrant learning experience that focuses on academic readiness, character development, and spiritual growth.

Who We Serve

Our Florida Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program (VPK) serves families in Callahan, Yulee, Hilliard, and throughout Nassau County, as well as Greater Jacksonville.

VPK Classes

SCA prepares our early learners (4-years-old) for successful transition to kindergarten and beyond.  Classes run Monday through Thursday, 8:00am-11:45am and 12:30-4:15pm.

Curriculum We Use

We follow the Abeka curriculum, a comprehensive and biblically-based study guide. At Sonshine, we sow seeds of faith, ensuring your child receives the education they need in an enriching atmosphere.

Obtaining Your Florida VPK Certificate of Eligibility

  1. Visit the Division of Early Learning Website: Navigate to the Division of Early Learning website by clicking the button below. This is where you'll register and apply for your child's VPK Certificate of Eligibility.
  2. Click on the "Apply for VPK" Button: Look for the green "Apply for VPK" button on the website. Clicking on this button will initiate the application process for your child's VPK Certificate of Eligibility.
  3. Complete the Application: Follow the provided instructions to complete the application thoroughly. Ensure that all required information is accurately entered.
  4. Print Your Certificate of Eligibility: Once you've completed the application, be sure to print your Florida VPK Certificate of Eligibility. This printed document will be needed when submitting your VPK application for enrollment at Sonshine Christian Academy.

Feel free to contact our administrative team if you encounter any difficulties during this process. We look forward to welcoming your child to our VPK program at Sonshine Christian Academy!

Key Features of Sonshine's VPK Program:

  • Academic Excellence

    Our curriculum is crafted to stimulate curiosity, encourage exploration, and build a solid foundation for future academic success.

  • Character Development

    We believe in shaping more than just young minds. Through intentional activities and Christian values, we foster character development, emphasizing virtues like kindness, compassion, and respect.

  • Spiritual Growth

    Our VPK program integrates Christian principles into daily learning, creating an environment that nurtures spiritual growth and a sense of purpose.

  • Well-Rounded Readiness

    Beyond academics, we focus on well-rounded readiness. Equipping students with social and emotional skills, we ensure they step into kindergarten with confidence, resilience, and a heart prepared to impact the world.

Join us at Sonshine Christian Academy, where the VPK program is more than an early education—it's a foundation for a purposeful life, equipping students to impact the world for the Glory of God.

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SCA Honored

SCA Preschool was recently honored by the Florida League of Christian School as a center of excellence. The FLOCS inspection process is maintained by a recognized set of quality standards. It's a true honor being recognized as among the best in their entire fellowship of over 200 schools.

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